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International Symposium on Sustainable Systems & Technologies (ISSST 2015), Dearborn, Michigan, May 18-20, 2015

The ISSST is the premier conference for research related to the sustainability of science and technology systems. The program covers the spectrum of issues for assessing and managing products and services across their life cycle, and the design, management and policy implications of sustainable engineered systems and technologies. 

Jan McDonald, Executive Director's abstract submission was accepted for a Presentation and Poster session focused on "Bringing Science to Life:" A Collaborative Approach to Sustainability Education in Montessori Grades Pre-K--6 Where Students, Teachers, Citizens, College Students, PhDs and Businesses Learn Together.

Engineers for a Sustainable World Conference, Rochester Institute of Technology, April 18, 2015

The 2015 ESW Annual Conference hosted at RIT, was based around the theme of City, Campus, Community. The ESW brought together 250 students and professionals from around the country to learn design and leadership skills, hear from researchers and professionals about the state of sustainable design, collaborate on design challenges, and meet to forge a stronger community. 

The April 18th event integrated an annual Inter-Chapter Challenge with collaborators and representative from Rochester Roots moving from a TED-style opening session through design time and presentations and community judging over lunch. 

Video presentation by Jan McDonald, Executive Director, Rochester Roots
Jan McDonald:

Video Presentation by Rochester Citizen, Gerry Clark
Gerry Clark:

Video Presentation by Subash Rai, 3rd Grade Montessori Academy Student
Subash Rai: