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Rochester Roots: A collaborative approach to sustainability education where students, teachers, citizens, college students, PhD's and experts learn together.

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"Empower citizens and communities, starting with youth, to create agency for their own sustainable wellbeing."

Rochester Roots (ROOTS) is a non-profit organization focused on Sustainability Education and Entrepreneurship, which it offers within twenty-six Sustainability Laboratories. These develop citizens and communities, starting with youth as future leaders, who work alongside businesses, university faculty and peers to solve the "wicked problems" of sustainability facing them in the 21st Century.



The "Wicked Problem" Challenge

The state of citizen's critical thinking for sustainability is being tested by challenges of climate, food, energy, education, waste, and governance. Population growth and globalization drive closer coupling of these Sociological, Ecological and Technological Systems (SETS), which continues to increase emergent complexity and uncertainty, destabilization, and potential for catastrophic failure. Added to which are system imbalances of human dominance achieved by using technology and culture to transcend genetic and biological constraints to cognition and evolution.