Buffalo Bills fan shot to death After Miami Dolphins Game

It is reported that a Buffalo Bills fan , 30-year-old man was murdered and seriously injured on Sunday as he was returning after a Miami Dolphins game. The incident began with an altercation between the guy and a car whose “erratically” driving smashed into the pedestrian.

Issac buffalo bills fan
Photo: Miami Gardens Police Department


According to the Miami Gardens police, the incident occurred on a street just off NW 27th Avenue just before midnight on Sunday. Near Hard Rock Stadium, the incident happened within a mile. When officers arrived at the scene of what was reported as a shooting, they found a man named Dylan Isaacs clearly wounded by a gunshot. At the site, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived and pronounced Isaacs deceased.

According to the Miami Gardens police, Isaacs and his buddies were returning to their vehicles after attending Sunday’s Dolphins game versus the Buffalo Bills. Isaacs was a Bills fan from Six Nations, Canada; a close relative had put up a GoFundMe to assist get his remains back to his hometown.

The “altercation” happened when Isaacs was walking back to the car, with the driver of the Honda Accord who, according to the police, was driving recklessly and slammed into an innocent pedestrian. The police said that after the driver pulled a pistol, Isaacs hit him. The motorist thereafter made a break for it.

On Monday, the police located the Honda Accord in Palm Beach County after positively identifying it. Police seized the car to conduct additional inspections. The culprit has been identified and is now being interviewed by the police; however, their identity has not been released. This inquiry is still ongoing.

Isaacs has been working as an archeological community monitor since 2021. The newly appointed Six Nations of the Grand River Chief Sherrilyn Hill claimed Isaacs devoted his entire career in helping the community he serves.

“This truly is a sad day,” Hill said in the news release. “We send our heartfelt condolences for his family and his friends.”

Dylan’s mom Susan Sky as well as Isaacs’ brother Braedyn have both said that they’d like to take home Dylan’s remains.

Ashley Cooke and a friend of Ashley Cooke, set up an GoFundMe campaign, with the intention to raise $50,000 in order to help in the process. within the first 20 hours, the fundraiser raised over $77,000.

The family members have said Dylan was a fun and generous person who did not merit such a fate. The Facebook profile of his indicates that the fact that he was living in Hollywood, Florida and shows his love for Star Wars.

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